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...from my new 90D and what a challenge. From 300D, 30D, 50D, 7D, 6DmkII and finally 90D.

90D's auto-focus and common settings is tough to figure out. I get different results daily. One minute I nail it, then the next pic fails.

Using 100-400mmII IS.

1250ISO, f/13, 1/640sec. at 400mm

1250ISO, f/16, 1/1600sec. at 321mm

3200ISO, f/10, 1/1000sec. at 321mm

2500ISO, f/10, 1/640sec. at 330mm

2500ISO, f/10, 1/1000sec. at 349mm

Aloha, I had the same issues when I got my 90D - So I went back to basics, Single Point AF/Single Shot - half day with Aperture Priority and in the afternoon Shutter Priority.. I used 24mm/ 50mm/short Canon Zoom.. and I limited my Iso to 400..Auto WB & RAW..Happy Happy Happy... L


So what you did is turn your 90D into an expensive P&S camera.

I bought a 90D to replace my 70D that was giving me trouble after 5 years.

There was a lot of talk on these boards about AF issues. The recommendations were to turn of face detection. That solved a lot of the issues.

I played a little with the new extra small single point focus. I didn't do enough playing but I suspect that would have worked for the dragon fly.

I shoot a fair amount of action and as I get older single point to catch birds in flight is becoming difficult. So I tried 9 point. I found birds that were not small were losing focus between focus points. I could see it in the viewfinder.

I always wanted to try a 7D II replacement and kept waiting for one (I don't have a 7D). I just kept reading about the great focus system.

So I had to balance between Canon technology and age (I am about to turn 77 and still very active).

I was afraid the 7D Mark II would disappear and the much rumored R7 could take several years to become reality. And then, of course, it would requite a Mark II to become what action photographers want.

So I bought a 7D Mark II.

So now I have a 90D for a lot of what I shoot and a 7D II for a lot of what I shoot.

I find both the 90D and 7D II are excellent at what I do. But not in the same camera.

I would never turn a 90D into a point & shoot. I wouldn't limit ISO to 400 (current processing technology improves high ISO), I use M or Tv mode all the time (M to convince myself I know what I'm doing and Tv to get faster shutter speed, sharp photos), I've increased my standard shutter speed because of my age (there was a time when I could use 1/125 and now it's 1/400), I've been shooting RAW + JPG for quite a while.

All cameras are P&S - we the photographers just reset the parameters. I said, I went back to basics until I understood the camera.. Now, I use the full range of what the 90D offers.. L

Quite often I see novices using a DSLR camera in a fully automatic mode. When I ask them about it the answer is I'm doing this until I know what I'm doing.

Of course, that will never happen. I tell them the only way to learn is try Tv or Av for a while. That will teach you about ISO and either aperture or shutter speed.

Then if you see the need you can tinker with M.

But staying on fully automatic teaches you nothing except it looks good.

I'm glad you now use a lot of what your 90D offers.

  Regards, L

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