Canon rumored R7. I'm calling it...

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Re: Canon rumored R7. I'm calling it...

Michael Thomas Mitchell wrote:

nolten wrote:

I agree with you in predicting that the R system will be full frame. I am not so sure about the future of the M system or APS-C from Canon in general. With all the strongly rumored EF and EF-S lens cancellations, Canon has effectively pulled the rug out from under M. I'm not good at predictions, I never would have predicted this, but the signs I see suggest Canon is terminating APS-C. All of the EF and EF-S lenses I use are now cancelled except a few L lenses. There has never been enough Canon support for M lenses for the M to stand on its own. I'm afraid we may end up with the expensive R system for true enthusiasts and pros, and a selection of Sony sensor based Powershots. Sad day.

My speculations about M are not solid, I admit. Although sales do seem to be strong from some of the data I've seen. We won't see a full-frame M, for certain. And Canon may be content offering only consumer-grade lenses for the format. Like the R, EF lenses are still compatible, although the small size of the M bodies are kind of funny with them. The M6II has some capabilities that both rival and exceed the 90D, but the optional EVF has pretty much been met negatively. And the M50II offered VERY little over its predecessor. That said, consumer models are updated far more frequently and with smaller improvements. Canon will need to bring more to the table with the next M models or risk loosing share to Sony.

Personally, I like the idea of separate M and R systems. They truly are different, with the former clearly appealing to amateurs, vloggers, and travelers who benefit from the smaller size, lighter weight and lower cost that the smaller sensor provides. And the R system now encompasses a WIDE range of models from entry level to pro with a dedicated lens collection which even beginners can grow with; unlike, say, a Rebel kit with a 18-55 kit lens, someone buying into the RP can still use their R kit lens when they advance upwards. Meanwhile, both systems can still use the HUGE available of EF lenses with simple adapters.

From a market standpoint, Canon is well poised. I think the biggest question is whether the average Joe can be lured away from their ever-improving cell phone cameras.

There are only 8 lenses in the M lineup and a TC. Nothing new has come for a while on the lens front. EF and EF-S appears to be dying faster than expected. I would guess M will be slowly killed off.

As for an RF crop, I am quite sure we will see one or more. Competition have them and from a development point of view it should be relatively easy given the design of the RF system. There is also a huge potential customer base for such a camera, something Canon cannot ignore.

Currently we do not know the price or resolution of the R3. If resolution is low in favour of speed, like the 1DX series, then it will be aimed at those who use big glass. It already looks like it will use the 1DX battery. This makes it look very expensive. If you want a crop resolution to match that of the 7D2 then you need a 80MP FF, to match the pixels on subject of the 90D then you need a shed load more. That will not be cheap both in cost but power, processing, memory etc so I doubt that will happen in this generation.

No point speculating though. I certainly hope an R7 will arrive soon. Even if it is priced the same as the R6 it will sell well as it is a different beast aimed at a different user base.

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