24mm and 50mm, or just 35mm?

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Re: Photo Audit

JohnnyLuddite wrote:

What focal lengths do you actually use with the 24-120mm you have? Can you do a little audit? For example, while I span the range of the 24-120mm, I'd certainly miss the 24mm field of view.

What does the 50mm or a 35mm or 24mm prime give you that your zooms do not? Is it IQ or brightness or size?

Beat me to it with the "Audit" part.
OP:  if you want to move from a zoom to a set of primes it helps if you know where you tend to gravitate to for your shots, and how you feel when you take those shots?  For example:  if you're out at 120mm, do you wish you had more telephoto and are constrained by the angle of view at 120mm on your camera?  When you are at 24mm, do you wish you could go wider?

That will give you the answer of what primes you'll want to look into.  If, for instance, you have very few or no photos taken at 35mm why get a prime of that length?

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