Canon rumored R7. I'm calling it...

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Re: Canon rumored R7. I'm calling it...

nolten wrote:

I agree with you in predicting that the R system will be full frame. I am not so sure about the future of the M system or APS-C from Canon in general. With all the strongly rumored EF and EF-S lens cancellations, Canon has effectively pulled the rug out from under M. I'm not good at predictions, I never would have predicted this, but the signs I see suggest Canon is terminating APS-C. All of the EF and EF-S lenses I use are now cancelled except a few L lenses. There has never been enough Canon support for M lenses for the M to stand on its own. I'm afraid we may end up with the expensive R system for true enthusiasts and pros, and a selection of Sony sensor based Powershots. Sad day.

I think there are far too many APS-C DSLR users willing to upgrade to the R system (who also have no interest in the M system) for Canon to ignore. My guess is Canon will ultimately replace APS-C in the EF-S/EF-M mounts with ones in the RF mount. Canon has to do this stealthily for now to wring out all the profits from the M system until they are ready to show their hand. Also, most of the R&D to bring APS-C into the R system has already been done. They have a class leading 32mp sensor that is grossly under utilized that they need to capitalize on.  I don't see Canon bringing this sensor forward to just put it in one DSLR and/or to upgrade the M system.  All the tech for APS-C to come to the R system has already been done with bringing the FF cameras to market. The RP body could easily be the basis for Rebel level cameras in the R system and a tweaked version of the R6 body/internals could easily support a 7D/mid range type of product.

I could be wrong but I think Canon will not pass on the profits to be gained from offering APS-C RF mount cameras and similar RF versions of the EF-S 10-18mm, 18-55mm and 55-250mm kit lenses. Producing these three lenses is not a huge effort for Canon.

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