Photo/video editing monitor in $500 range?

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Re: Photo/video editing monitor in $500 range?

NeedMorePractice wrote:

The time has come to upgrade my work monitor, as I'm doing more photo and video editing for my company these days, rather than just as a hobbyist. The work is heavy on photo editing, but also includes some 4K Premiere Pro stuff for promo/demo videos.

Currently using a hand-me-down Dell D3218HN, for reference.

New one doesn't need to be 4K, but would be nice.

Color accuracy is obviously a high priority here, preferably out of the box. Not looking for the highest professional level of performance and accuracy, but I assume something decent can be had under $1k.

Any size between 24" and 32" is fine with me. I'm not the type who needs a giant screen. My home screen is 23" and it's totally fine. If anything, the 32" one I'm using now is almost too big for how close I sit, but 32" is not a deal-breaker.

All input is appreciated.

First, I assume if color accuracy is a must you already have a colorimeter and software for it. If not, you need that.

Second, gamut? some video users want DCI-P3, so you might consider that vs just sRGB. I imagine you don't need more than either of those.

Third, think in terms of the info on the screen, like it's a photo. A 4k is 3840x2160 (usually), and that doesn't change if stretched across 24" or 32" or 56"; it's the same bit of picture. Just the pixels per inch change, and so like a print it matters how close you are to it. You don't want it so close you see the pixels, but not so far you're wasting the detail. Which is why your phone has a higher PPI.

So you might try something even as small as a 4k 24". I've got one by Dell, and it's a terrific monitor IMHO, but I think it's been discontinued.

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