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Re: D850 Speedlight Setup Question

Paul P K wrote:

I used to have a PWTT5 with a AC3 Zone Controller as transmitter on camera (much less bulky, and lighter then eg a SB800 or SB910), with the remote speedllghts on TT5's as receiver. Reportedly Godox and other receivers/transmitters will do the job for less money, but those weren't around yet when I got my PW's

I have been using PocketWizards for 10 years or so now.  Started with D300, then D700, D800e, D810 and now D850.   I also have the Flex TT5 model with the Mini TT1 and AC3 zone controller.

Beware the latest E firmware update on the PW's!   If you use it, you will gain some range with the TT5's, but the Mini TT5 and  AC3 zone controller will no longer work.  Which really sucks because then you have to buy another Flex TT5 to replace the Mini TT1.  I bought the firmware update, downloaded but never installed it.  (Now I would probably go with the cheaper Godox stuff, but I do see some discounting of PW prices.)

To the OP - I have not used the new Nikon wireless radio-based system.  My newest flash is the SB-910.   When I use strobes, it is generally in a very controlled setup.  I clear out my garage for a day, usually Thanksgiving when the family is over.  I shoot them for Christmas cards images.

I use the Mini TT1 + AC3 on camera, which wirelessly controls the three PW TT5's I have.   I use SB-910 on one, SB-900 on another, SB-800 on the third, and sometimes I'll use an old SB-26 as a fourth slave and even an SB-24 (with 'peanut' optical slave trigger).

The three strobes on PW's are generally shot in manual mode as I use them in a controlled studio environment.  I dial in the flash power settings before a shoot and then rarely do much adjusting.   The one or two strobes that do not have PocketWizards are triggered optically in SU-4 mode and set manually at the flash.  I only use these for hairlights or gelled background lighting.

If you buy used, I see some amazingly low pricing on PW's now.   Flex TT5 for $40 from Adorama.  ($250 new for me).   Mini TT5 for $50 and AC3 for $5.

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