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brucet wrote:

I've always been interested in industrial photos. Bulldozers. Mining equipment. Road and rail transport. Mines, smelters, construction etc etc.

I'm wondering if there is such a thing as an industrial photographer. Someone who takes industrial PR images. I would like to have a crack at it. But is there already a market?

Yes I do a lot. The "industry" is vast, and includes A.I., climate, communications, infrastructure, health, robotics, manufacturing, etc... And one bleeds into the other. The bioscience lab in Kansas uses a microscope manufactured in California, which is constructed of parts made in Arkansas, and shipped by a Illinois trucking company, with vehicles built in North Carolina. Industrial photography style is similar to Utilities photography style.

Google search: "Your State Name" + "Whatever category" listed above that you're interested in shooting. Be ready to do both stills and video, including head shots and talking head interviews.

Each "Industry" has it's own special lingo that you'll pick up as you go along.

You'd be surprised at some of the specialties. You might find a metal fabricator that specializes building corn silos. Another that manufactures all the parts to build a toolbox, but sends to another facility for assembly... Or they might do the whole thing. A plastics company that specializes in food services will be different than one specializing in cybersecurity.

Look around at every little thing that you see in the manufactured world, the base of your bar stool, the knob on your kitchen cabinet, the steps on your ladder... They were all manufactured somewhere.

At the Industry level, these companies practically never need visuals for advertising. They use visuals for web site, brochures, public relations, direct marketing and sales.

Best to hook up with a Marketing firm in your area that specializes in one of the categories listed above. Court them, because the industry will use whatever photo/video provider that they recommend. They probably won't be interested in dealing with a videophotog directly unless you are providing full blown marketing strategies too.

Google search: "Your State Name" + NIST MEP and get ready to understand concepts of ISO Certifications, Lifecycle Analysis, Value Stream Mapping, Energy Audit, Food Safety, etc...

NIST - National Institute of Standards and Technology

MEP - MEP is a public-private partnership with Centers in all 50 states and Puerto Rico dedicated to serving small and medium-sized manufacturers. Last year, MEP Centers interacted with 27,574 manufacturers, leading to $13.0 billion in sales, $2.7 billion in cost savings, $4.9 billion in new client investments, and helped create or retain 105,748 jobs.

Good luck!

Here's a sample from one of my Metal Fab clients...

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