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...from my new 90D and what a challenge. From 300D, 30D, 50D, 7D, 6DmkII and finally 90D.

90D's auto-focus and common settings is tough to figure out. I get different results daily. One minute I nail it, then the next pic fails.

Using 100-400mmII IS.

1250ISO, f/13, 1/640sec. at 400mm

1250ISO, f/16, 1/1600sec. at 321mm

3200ISO, f/10, 1/1000sec. at 321mm

2500ISO, f/10, 1/640sec. at 330mm

2500ISO, f/10, 1/1000sec. at 349mm

Aloha, I had the same issues when I got my 90D - So I went back to basics, Single Point AF/Single Shot - half day with Aperture Priority and in the afternoon Shutter Priority.. I used 24mm/ 50mm/short Canon Zoom.. and I limited my Iso to 400..Auto WB & RAW..Happy Happy Happy... L


So what you did is turn your 90D into an expensive P&S camera.

I bought a 90D to replace my 70D that was giving me trouble after 5 years.

There was a lot of talk on these boards about AF issues. The recommendations were to turn of face detection. That solved a lot of the issues.

I played a little with the new extra small single point focus. I didn't do enough playing but I suspect that would have worked for the dragon fly.

I shoot a fair amount of action and as I get older single point to catch birds in flight is becoming difficult. So I tried 9 point. I found birds that were not small were losing focus between focus points. I could see it in the viewfinder.

I always wanted to try a 7D II replacement and kept waiting for one (I don't have a 7D). I just kept reading about the great focus system.

So I had to balance between Canon technology and age (I am about to turn 77 and still very active).

I was afraid the 7D Mark II would disappear and the much rumored R7 could take several years to become reality. And then, of course, it would requite a Mark II to become what action photographers want.

So I bought a 7D Mark II.

So now I have a 90D for a lot of what I shoot and a 7D II for a lot of what I shoot.

I find both the 90D and 7D II are excellent at what I do. But not in the same camera.

I would never turn a 90D into a point & shoot. I wouldn't limit ISO to 400 (current processing technology improves high ISO), I use M or Tv mode all the time (M to convince myself I know what I'm doing and Tv to get faster shutter speed, sharp photos), I've increased my standard shutter speed because of my age (there was a time when I could use 1/125 and now it's 1/400), I've been shooting RAW + JPG for quite a while.

All cameras are P&S - we the photographers just reset the parameters. I said, I went back to basics until I understood the camera.. Now, I use the full range of what the 90D offers.. L

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