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Yes! Industrial photography is indeed a time-honored aspect of commercial, corporate and advertising and public relations photography.

Many large corporations, at one point in time had in-house photograhy departments. Nowadays the trend is for companies to farm out the work as required. A significant percentage of my commercial assignments are in the industrial field.

Most of this work is done on location in factories, excavation and construction job sites, power generating plants, and just about any place where work is in progress. Photograph are used in annual reports, brochures, trade show displays, corporate and trade publications, press releases to newspapers, magazines and broadcast media, and educational and instructional power-point production.

You will have to generate business by creating a basic portfolio and searching out clients. I started my industrial department by displaying my work at various trade shows, approaching advertising agencies, making contact with the management of industries in my city, construction companies, dealers and renter of cranes and heavy equipment.

The jobs require a wide range of photographic skill sets, the ability to work under oftentimes difficult conditions under a wide range of available and set-up lighting scenarios. Besides managing you gear, you need to be apprised of safety equipmet and procedures in industrial environments. The work is extremely interesting- you learn about old and new technologies every day.

Some assignments are documentary in nature- kinda like photojournalism. Others require your creativity in making rather mundane subjects like big dirty, and ugly equipmet look exciting and dynamic.

During the past year, waht withthe pandemic, my industrial work on job sites kept my business alive. Even durig lock-downs, construction sites were still allowed to continue in an out-of-doors environment.

Start off bu making a list of the industries in your area and begin investigating ther requirements. Some of the companies I approached di not use photograhy in ther adverting and public relations but I was able to convince them to use some imagery in these efforts. Many have becom steady clients for industrial work as well as product photograhy and corporate portraiture.

Good luck!

Ed Shapiro- Commercial and Portrait Photographer. Ottawa, Ontario Canada

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