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Re: Camera advice for a TOTAL novice

ConTheJedi wrote:

Hi all,

I've wanted to get more serious about photography for a while now and recently decided to treat myself to a bridge camera to see how I get on - I've spent weeks trawling through reviews and forums, so have finally created an account to say thanks for all the brilliant advice posted on this site, and to ask one final question.

Having read plenty of forums already, I'm going to apologise in advance if this ignites yet another camera-war, but seeing as I'm posting this in the Panasonic section you can probably guess what I'm going to ask... I've narrowed it down to the Panasonic DC-FZ82 and the Panasonic FZ330. I know the FZ330 is the better of the two generally, but is the FZ82 still a suitable choice for a complete novice or is it really as bad as some of the comments on here suggest?

When I say "novice", I mean I've never touched a bridge / DSLR camera before in my life. And thanks to a lucky combination of discounts and vouchers, I can pick-up a new FZ82 this weekend for around £140 instead of the current £299 RRP. Obviously if I could do the same with the FZ330 I would, but it's not in stock - if I wait for it to return, I can still get a chunk discounted but it would set me back around £280 (RRP currently £429).

Reviews generally for the FZ82 are still good, so would it be worth biting the bullet now and getting a GREAT discount, or waiting for the better-reviewed FZ330 with a GOOD discount? Remember, this is for someone who had to google what "Aperture" was a few weeks ago!

Thanks in advance to anyone taking the time to respond, and thanks again for a great website / forum - the advice and photos posted on here are great and really helped me commit to taking my first brave steps into the world of photography!

Both models offer a lurning curve to novice users. Each also comes with full auto modes until you want to progress.

j-pegs straight out of the fz80 are poor compared to the fz300 I recently bought.

You might need to post process most photos you take with a fz80. But even then you might struggle to reach the quality you can get straight from the fz300.

Results from my own fz80 were mainly disappointing so I swapped it for a canon sx70.

The sx takes cleaner and more detailed shots especially at 1200 mm. That is where my fz80 struggled most but it was not great around mid range either.

My experience of the fz80 nearly put me off small sensor panasonic cameras completely until I researched the fz300 as a backup to my m4/3 gear.

User reviews and opinions on the fz300 are mainly so positive that I took a chance and bought one.

No regrets at all. I like everything about the fz300. 600 mm and f2.8 lens is special in this sector.

For a small sensor camera it grows on me more each time I use it.

I could not say that of the fz80. If you need fz80 reach I recommend the canon sx70.

Otherwise fz300 all the way.

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