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I carry my stuff in a backpack. Some of these lighthouses require boat rides and/or significant hiking to get to. Sometimes you can float your car along and sometimes just your own self.

I have the P645D, two zooms, two primes and two TCs. That gives me from 45mm to 600mm. Putting it on my back really helps. From my farming work, I'm used to having 50 pounds in each hand (fuel, water or chemical jugs) or 50-100 pounds carried in front (feed and fertilizer sacks). But those are over short distances and nowhere is a boat involved.

The backpack can also carry the tripod. I have an aluminum one, and it isn't much to carry in my hand. Add it to the backpack and it's too much rearward weight. So, I use it as a walking stick by partially extending the legs. Just like I do with my monopod when hiking around road courses with small format gear.

I'd have no trouble with the Fuji gear in place of the Pentax. My trouble is having the money to buy it in the first place.


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