Any new photo backpacks coming this year?

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Re: Any new photo backpacks coming this year?

Bing Chow wrote:

starfly wrote:

He must have a marketing degree

I'm 100% sure dedicated hiking backpacks will be better, but I never do more than a dayhike. And I'd also use the bag for going on planes, traveling through cities, etc.

Just curious... if you are not demanding from a hiking POV, are the current crop of adventure style photo packs, not to your liking?

I'd love to have a play with the Atlas Adventure v2. But I just don't want to risk the hassle of returns across the border. I am currently indoor testing my Mindshift Rotation 50.

Any findings even though it is indoor testing?

Every Google search brings me to the few reviews from september last year. Just received the news letter from Think Tank. Nothing about the rotation bags.

Time of arrival in the Netherlands is unsure, they talk about the end of May but in these Covid-times that can easily be in august. Our outdoor season has started, I have to decide: wait or look for a different pack, possibly Lowepro Powder style.

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