Yellowstone Advice?

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Yellowstone Advice?

My family and I are toying with the idea of traveling to Yellowstone later this year and I'm hoping for some advice suggestions on what to bring.

I've pored over many threads (like this one, though it covered many other National Parks, too) and am trying to avoid packing too much or too little.

I have a GX7 and the following lenses:

  • P12-35/2.8
  • P20
  • P35-100/2.8

Based on my reading and wildlife hopes for the trip (okay, and a little GAS) I am already planning on acquiring a P100-300 before we go. I know there are better quality options, but their size and cost pushes them out of consideration.

I am fortunate enough to have a friend offer to lend their gear for the trip, which includes:

  • GX9
  • P12-60
  • P15
  • P7-14 or PL8-18 (not sure which, they said Panny UWA)

Other relevant information before the barrage of questions.

  • Hiking will be limited to short-ish hikes from the car to can't-miss sights
  • We'll be staying in hotel(s)
    • So no campfire pics, no astro
  • Wildlife, landscape, and geo-thermal features are the main interests
  • We likely won't be up and out before sunrise most days
  • This is a family trip, so prefer minimal lens changing and likely no tripod
    • I'm not going to buy a compact zoom or bring my cellphone instead

So given those parameters with the listed camera and lens options, what would you suggest I bring? My thoughts are go reasonably light with GX7, P12-60, P35-100/2.8, P100-300.

  1. Will 12mm be wide enough for the hot springs (Morning Glory, Grand Prismatic)? Or are the boardwalks too close that I will be wanting wider? Due to moving steam, I don't think stitching will work here.
  2. I've never had the luxury of wielding two cameras. Is the second body worth the extra weight and is it any faster than a lens swap if it's in a sling on my back? The most compelling reason I read was that you want the longest lens you have on a 2nd body for fleeting wildlife opportunities.
  3. I love my P35-100/2.8, but is a 60-100 gap manageable enough that I can leave it at home?  If the answers to 1, 2, and 3 are yes, I could have the 12-60 on one body and the 100-300 on the other which sounds very doable

What other gear or accessories can I not live without?

I plan on getting clear and polarizing filters to protect against residue from geysers and counter glare.

Normally I bring a mini-tripod on travel, but that seems less effective in the great outdoors than at a theme park or zoo.  I've seen people mention lots of stabilizing solutions (bean bags for the car, monopods, tripods, a hip stick?, and of course jeffharris' patented chest-mounted Ultrapod II technique) for the park.  Are there situations where I will regret not having one of those?

Thank you in advance for any insight you can provide!

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