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Mark Hollister Regular Member • Posts: 468
Re: That only works if ...

I do much prefer a real photographed scene to a 100% synthetic (rendered) scene, even if the synthetic scene is more beautiful to look at.  However, when I retouch I do try to make the picture look more like how the human eye sees it (as opposed to the sensor), and in so doing, many pixels are changed.  Maybe that pits me at conflict with myself, but I'm not one to agonize over it.

So even though I recommend Blender to other people for 3D rendering, (and I do have it on my computer), I haven't bothered to learn it.  I've come a long way with Photoshop and since I do well with that, I keep doing it.  Other people stick with Blender, and I've seen work so good that I would have believed I was looking at a photograph.

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