Canon rumored R7. I'm calling it...

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Re: Canon rumored R7. I'm calling it...

I don't see the R3 having any bearing on whether a R7 comes to the R system.  The R3 is going to be a FF camera likely to cost between $4.5k-$6k.  The R7 will be a $2k camera.  They will not compete with each other.  There are many people who want APS-C in the R system.  I am one of them and would gladly pay $1.5k-$2k for a camera with the specs of the R6 and an APS-C sensor.  Most of the millions of people currently using Canon APS-C DSLRs will never move to the M system and I doubt Canon wants them going elsewhere.  I think the odds are very good that APS-C will come to the R system.  IMO, Canon doesn't want to show its hand regarding APS-C in the R system because doing so would decimate M sales and they want to milk that camera/lens line for all the can for as long as they can.

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