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NotASpeckOfCereal wrote:

Satyaa wrote:

[...] I routinely go on long walks (or hikes) with the GFX 100 around my neck (the big GFX 100) and I carry two more GF lenses in a small canvas Domke 803 shoulder bag.

I'm afraid I won't be able to do that! This is the only hesitation that keeps me from jumping all in.

Why is that? The weight?

..... If you get it, you probably won't be unhappy with the results ... far from it. I just wanted to say "hell yes, it's heavy stuff".

Greg is an ex-marine or something. He likes carrying lots of weight. I'm not and I don't. And I hate stuff around my neck. But I often carry a GFX50S with an EVF tilt adapter (and the 32-64mm) on a wrist strap all day long. And if I can do it, anyone can.

Lately I've preferred having the 45mm mounted while walking, mostly because its a superb prime that matches what I like at the moment, not because it's considerably lighter than the zoom. If I need to carry more, it's probably just one other lens and the PD carbon fibre tripod in a small PacSafe backpack. I don't like those one-shoulder bags even though they promise easier access.

And I agree, you will be happy with the results from the GFX system. I am sorely tempted by the GFX100S mostly because of the IBIS and less chance of aliasing, but think I'll wait to see what the 50S Mark II brings. The EVF tilt adapter is my main reason for sticking with the 50S, and the whole ergonomics and UI just fits, although it took a while to get used to it.

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