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“Ideal” for any film would be sunshine with little to no shadows...

absent that, any lighting so long as you expose for the deepest shadow detail you want revealed is the thing to do, and some films have a higher highlights shoulder than others.

Fortunately Portra 400 is one of the better ones. Waiting for “ideal” is just asking to be disappointed most of the time.

True. I guess more so, conditions where it shines more than not. I feel like in my example shots of shade, I didn’t like the results as much

The way one gets the most out of 35mm color negative film is, having it scanned to DNG where the folks scanning know how to scan and get as much bunched to the right on the histogram where you can then process it the way you want.

Is there a way to explain this more? Doing home scans and I often think "I have no idea what I'm doing"

I can't scan worth a darn myself. I send my rolls to the lab linked below to have them processed and scanned to DNG. They send me an email with links to zip files when ready to load the scans to my computer and I get the negatives back in print file holders a week or two later.

Here's a couple from some recent rolls I shot with my Leica M4 using Portra 160.

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