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Re: Craving more megapixels?

chrisD46 wrote:

*What about shooting say 3 to 6+ images vertically with a 50mm - 135mm lens (APS-C) and then post process to stich as a pano ? When combined together you can achieve some pretty detailed , high pixel count image files ?

A large megapixel image is straight forward using any digital camera by stitching overlapping images.

My first attempts are shown below after reading the technique on this forum. All I had was my Z6 with a 24-70mm lens.

The first image is a stitched composite of 16-24MP 24mm NEF images of Lake Geneva. The second image is a stitched composite of 6-24MP 24mm NEF images of the Roman Coliseum.

The process was to take overlapping images of the subjects vertically. All settings on the camera were set to manual after obtaining the initial exposure and focus. That includes ISO, focus, aperture and shutter. Also the camera was held as level as possible.

The images were imported into Affinity Photo under File/New Panorama. The output looks like the first Lake Geneva image below. At this point, traditional cropping, adjustments, etc. were applied and image exported.


These images were taken quickly hand held with moving subjects (people, waves, boats, etc.). Affinity Photo tools were required to adjust the overlap of images used to generate the composite. Much work was done to correct moving parts of the Lake, but very little work was required for the coliseum.

I've postponed looking at at 14mm lens now that there is an easy way to capture a wide subject area with a 24mm. That won't work for all subjects and my technique needs refinement and practice.


Lake Geneva:

  • Source 16-24MP NEF files;
  • Generated panorama 9432 x 7706 78 MP


  • 6-24MP NEF files;
  • Generated Panorama 8198 x 5329 44 MP

The images are exported JPEGs and downsized to 1920x1568 for posting.

Output from Affinity Photo Panorama merge.

Lake Geneva with 14 and 24mm overlay boxes

Roman Coliseum Pano

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