How can I compress in terms of pixels not file size?

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Re: Very specific suggestion

CameronCox wrote:

Thank you, yes that was precisely what I was trying to achieve.

One further question: Do you know if it is possible to take a png file and convert it to its raw components? I know its a very messy and roundabout thing to do, but I don't have access to the original raw files, but since png is lossless compression, each pixel should still be the correct colour, and I need a raw version to illustrate how large the file would be initially.

If that didn't make sense, to put it another way, I have a 459.2KB png image of 954x954 pixels. The Bit depth is 4-bits per channel/12-bits per pixel. I need a file that represents the full uncompressed data which would be (954 x 954 x 12)/8 Bytes large, which equates to 1,365KB. My working assumption is that is what the 'raw' file means, but all online png to raw converters either do not work or give a result that is even smaller in storage size

You can't convert any other file type into a raw file. Raw files differ in size, based on whether they are compressed or not, lossless or not. The smallest of them (lossy compressed, as used by most Sony cameras) are roughly 1.1MB per megabit. So, your 954x954 would equate to a little over 1MB, though of course no raw files are that tiny, as cameras have much larger sensors than that.

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