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Re: Basic questions - wannabe MF user

Greg7579 wrote:

I'm a self-proclaimed travel photographer, meaning that I'm blessed to be able to travel a lot and take a lot of gear with me when I travel. Then when I get to where I'm going, I shoot a lot and post it here and on Flickr.

Therefore, I am a travel photographer.

I went from Canon DSLR and L glass to Fuji X for many years, then sold it all and came to GFX. I love it and have not looked back.

Glad to hear that

I'm traveling right now and brought the GFX 100 and 6 GF lenses onto the plane with me.

Walking around with the GFX 100 and a mounted 32-64 or 45-100 (or 30 or 45) as the base is no big deal. It's not a small package by any means, but it is more compact and lighter than anyone ever thought MF could be. It's kind of a miracle really. And the image fidelity and look you get from the files will blow you away and you won't look back.

I'm only researching a wide prime (35mm FF FOV preferred) and a portrait prime, both for the IQ and keeping the size down.

I routinely go on long walks (or hikes) with the GFX 100 around my neck (the big GFX 100) and I carry two more GF lenses in a small canvas Domke 803 shoulder bag.

I'm afraid I won't be able to do that! This is the only hesitation that keeps me from jumping all in.

It's not that heavy. I even like the feel of the big GFX 100 in my hand so am less tempted by the new much smaller 100 (a bald lie - I want it!).

Is it as small and light as Fuji X or your Canon or Nikon mirrorless rig? No, but its not any bigger than Canon or Nikon DSLR gear really. But who cares? Wait and see what I mean when you look at your first shot on your nice 32 inch 4K pro IPS monitor.

Of course you don't "need" it. All that matters is that you want it.


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