EOS R6 20mp sensor enough for sports photography?

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Re: EOS R6 20mp sensor enough for sports photography?

Scott Larson wrote:

Here's a real world example. A basketball player is rushing to the basket to make a layup that will win the game. Obviously you want every pixel on that player because he's going to win the game so you zoom on him, right? Then a defender with long arms reaches over and knocks the ball out of the player's hand and the game is over.

Congratulations! You did get a photo of the most important moment of the game, but instead of getting a shot of the defender making a brilliant play that won the game, you only got a shot of his hand and forearm and not the determined look in his eye as he swatted the ball out of the other player's hand.

In twenty years I've taken so many shots like this that it makes my stomach hurt. That's why I shoot loose and crop later. It's impossible to predict what's going to happen.

Very true words, Scott. I often ignored my own advice (to shoot tight) and did the same loose shooting for sports given the situation or if I recognized an evolving scene. If it's too tight, then a shot can be out of context which is often critically important for team sports. Thank you for bringing this up.

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