How can I compress in terms of pixels not file size?

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Re: Very specific suggestion

Thank you, yes that was precisely what I was trying to achieve.

One further question: Do you know if it is possible to take a png file and convert it to its raw components? I know its a very messy and roundabout thing to do, but I don't have access to the original raw files, but since png is lossless compression, each pixel should still be the correct colour, and I need a raw version to illustrate how large the file would be initially.

If that didn't make sense, to put it another way, I have a 459.2KB png image of 954x954 pixels. The Bit depth is 4-bits per channel/12-bits per pixel. I need a file that represents the full uncompressed data which would be (954 x 954 x 12)/8 Bytes large, which equates to 1,365KB. My working assumption is that is what the 'raw' file means, but all online png to raw converters either do not work or give a result that is even smaller in storage size

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