does anyone else have high noise in Z7 photos

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Re: does anyone else have high noise in Z7 photos

Ozzybren wrote:

HI All,

Thank you so much for your quick responses. This has been bothering me for quite some time. I see that the original file was pretty dark on the DNG I brought shadows up to 100% and exposure up .53

I use lightroom for most everything. and convert my images to dng. Do you recommend this or should I be using Nikons raw software? I absolutely loved the D800 but I had to go smaller. I'm getting to old for a 30lb backpack! I love using the Z7 but I've had a lot going on so havn't been able to really get deep into it yet. Thanks again for your help!

Shot at ISO 200 F11 1/6 sec 24mm 24-70mF4 S

My monitor is the Eizo CG279X 2560x1440

You brought your shadows up 100% and raised exposure half a stop? Of course you have a ton of noise! A better/properly exposed image will never have these issues. Looking at your exif I am not sure why you chose the settings you did for the image, if you are trying to do long exposures with such lighting conditions you need to incorporate a 10 stop ND filter, you've stopped your lens down into the diffraction limited zone in terms of performance, rather than ISO 200 you should have used base ISO (64). If you weren't going for a long exposure effect then why not decrease ISO to base, open your lens up to an optimal f-stop (f5.6 to f8) and shoot a faster exposure with a better histogram?

Just trying to understand the reasons you used to choose your settings, they are the reason you have a lot of noise in your image, not because of the camera by itself.

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