Is this the manufacturing date on A9?

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Re: Is this the manufacturing date on A9?

DustyBin wrote:

Just wondering if anyone knew what the other numbers mean on the serial sticker... just picked up a used A9 in very good condition and wondered how old it might actually be. Seller bought it from someone else, so they weren't sure.

I've also noticed that the number at the bottom is different to many serial stickers I've found online... it shows 282, rather than 281? Given my serial number (covered) starts with a 4, perhaps there was a slightly different release after a couple of years production? Perhaps it's a regional code?

That's a good question that I've never thought about (and while I have a Sony FF, it's not the A9). Most modern electronic devices have to go thru a certification process (i.e. that the amount of electronic noise they radiate is below certain levels, so it won't interfere with other devices). Additionally, there is usually a separate certification required for any device that deliberately radiates as part of its operation (i.e. Wi-Fi). I think that WW... number is the type of number used on those kind of certification applications in Asia, so it's possible that date is just connected to when it was certified, not a manufacture date -- but that is pure guesswork from me. Only way to know for sure is if enough people answer this post of yours, and the dates differ while the rest of the info stays the same.

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