Canon EOS extension tubes advice

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Re: Canon EOS extension tubes advice

The Kenko EF tube set I bought back when I still had my Canon EF EOS system worked well, fit was good and a good deal less expensive than the Canon branded tubes. I still have those tubes for some reason, for adapting lenses it might be overkill but they do work properly. I'll sell them to you if you can't find any tubes, PM me if you are interested.

Yes, I agree, those are too premium for my needs, and beyond the budget I would like to invest on tubes, thanks anyway for your offer

Actually these seem ok and are cheaper than I'd let my Kenko tubes go for:

The bad quality tubes I was referring the other day looks like copy of these Vello: same body finish, exactly same tab release and even with the same style of white triangles/squares (hope Vello are not simply rebranding)

This set is cheaper, but I think the quality is way worse:

I'm waiting to receive a Vitrox focal reducer, which also have pins. I really hope that the mount goes fine with plain adapters, if so then this option could be perfect.

Thanks for your response!

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