Gitzo 1549 too old?

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Re: Gitzo 1549 too old?

foskram wrote:

I know this is very subjective. I am thinking of buying the Gitzo but am also considering a used Benro 3770tn at about 60% of the price of the Gitzo. Will be used with 100-400ii and 500mm v1. Any thoughts? Or other suggestions? Many thanks

Unless a tripod uses obsolete attachment hardware, how can it be “too old?”

“500mm v1” indicates a quite heavy lens. An ultra-light travel tripod might be rated to support a specified weight, but the actual experience of using a camera/lens combination that is anywhere near that specified maximum, might be a less than satisfactory experience, as movement will take more time to settle to zero.

I lost my light-weight/travel Manfrotto 190CX carbon fiber tripod before I owned any lenses as heavy as a 500mm, but I doubt that I would be happy with that long-lost 190CX, if shooting with our current 500mm lenses, which are in the range of 3000 to 3100 grams, if I recall correctly. I would much rather use a tripod like the Manfrotto 055CX, to support this much weight.

I realize that this does not directly answer your question, but it is a frame of reference, if you can find a comparative review of lightweight carbon fiber tripods.

This being a tripod-oriented question, you might be more likely to get a range of informed replies in the Accessories Talk area of the forum.

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