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Tazz93 wrote:

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grenow wrote:

Development announcement here:

Designed to sit "between" the R5 and the 1DX3, 30 fps from a new DPAF sensor, no word on size. This sounds neat:

The Electronic Viewfinder of the EOS R3 will offer photographers the ability to select the initial area for AF tracking by simply looking directly at the viewfinder location where they want to begin AF.

Strange, I guess this is going to be the beta for the R1 so Canon can test the stacked BSI sensor and eye-controlled AF. It also sounds like the eye-detect AF algorithm won’t be updated any further on the R6 & R5.

Using Deep Learning technology, the upcoming EOS R3 will offer enhanced AF performance and tracking capabilities, with even better face-, eye-, head- and body-detection. And, the EOS R3 will add a new type of subject recognition, for its AF system.

I read this Canon USA announcement say that there will be significant changes/improvements in autofocus and tracking. Even better eye detection.

Personally, I'm hoping the R1 will never see the conventional sensor. I'm hoping it will start life as a global shutter. I think that Sony went on the record saying that's their direction for future releases as this level.

I owned the EOS 3 film SLR with eye steered autofocus. Eye control of the autofocus point did not work well with people that wore glasses or even had unlucky eyes. This matters less in the R3 since it will have joystick and touch steering steering too. Thus, this is not a negative for me.

It uses a Canon designed Stacked CMOS sensor! This a major breakthrough for the potential of increased dynamic range and rolling shutter free readouts. I was hoping this sensor type development would be in the R5 but it did not happen.

However, the R5 is such a great camera to meet what I actually need, I doubt I will get the R3 despite the lust in my heart for one. It, like the 1DXIII, has the grip and heavy batteries making it bulkier and heavier than I would like. It also comes at bigger retail price than would like too. I expect it to cost $7000. A little more cost than the Sony A1 if it is more camera than A1 as I expect it will. be.

Maybe I better save from my lunch money now just in case my lust and wants overrules my needs and common sense.

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