blurry photo or not with the focus

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Re: blurry photo or not with the focus

Alexpassion wrote:

Hello, is this photo blurry or sharp? I try to have the blur and the sharpness in front of the subject what I take but is that the whole is blurry?

I have a nikon d7500 1.4 50 mm nikkor lens I took for this photo at 1.4 is it blurry?

thank you

Don't confuse "blurry" with "out of focus" with "sharpness". They aren't synonymous. In your example here, the subject is IN focus, and it's plenty sharp where the focus landed, which is on his glasses frames. Because you shot at F1.4... other things you may normally look at, like his eyes BEHIND his frames, will be slightly out of focus because your depth of field is very narrow at F1.4. But look closely at his frames... relatively sharp (not razor sharp, but sharp) and in-focus.

Missing focus didn't happen here
Motion blur didn't happen here
Camera shake didn't happen here

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