YN968EX-RT and YN560III, YN660 on canon t6i

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Re: YN968EX-RT and YN560III, YN660 on canon t6i

xman123 wrote:


I`m owner of YN560III, YN660, first order was YN560III and after over 3 months waiting it not come to me (great corona situation) and than I ordered YN660 but after some time both come to me and now I have YN560III and YN660, all working fine but now I know that I have problem, they are manual and they are not easy for use, no communication to my canon t6i, now I know that I need ttl RT flash if I want some auto flash mode and camera control of my flash...

After some looking now I found YN968EX-RT and look like this is what I need, full control from my canon t6i camera but before I buy this flash I want to ask here experts is it good option, is this flash good for what I need, good integration with camera, in my case I need something to replace camera integrated flash with stronger flash and with some extra features...is this good option or you can recommend something better? Also they have cheaper and older YN600EX-RT II...

Also, one more question, can I with YN968EX-RT wireless control YN560III and YN660 without some extra controller? If possible to connect this models can I set settings on YN560III and YN660 from YN968EX-RT?


I don't have experience with those specific flashes, but it sounds like TTL is the main thing you need. For your needs, I would go with the cheaper 600ex-rt ii since they both support canon's ettl/ettl ii metering.  The 600 will have everything you need and more to grow in to.  The flash recycle time on the 600 is 3 seconds (I assume at full power, it should recycle quicker using 1/4 or 1/8 power, which will typically be more than enough).  If you need full power, quick flash recycle time, you might look into whether the 968 gives you a quicker recycle time.

As far as controlling your two other flashes with the 968, I don't think you'll be able to control them wirelessly (even with the yn-e3-rt transmitter, the 560 and 660 don't seem to be compatible).  You could set them to one of their slave modes that should enable them to fire when your 968 fires, but you'll have to set them manually.

Again - I don't have experience with these flashes in particular, but from some quick research, this is what I found.  Hopefully someone will come along with better information!

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