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From Twitter

Surprising! I thought it would be R1

Yes, very. Hmmm will there be an even higher level R1 someday?

I’m thinking this is the R5s, high MP camera that has been rumored.

It looks like maybe the 1ds reborn.

Really interesting Canon is reviving the 3 Series. I had an EOS 3 and loved the camera. I was sad to sell it, but I stopped shooting film after the 2002 SLC Olympics. The camera was just gathering dust for 2.5 years and I wanted more lenses. Very happy with to see Canon bringing back eye control focus. Really liked that in my EOS 3.

My guess on naming is Canon is not ready to release an R1. A higher spec mirrorless camera is needed in the sports world. I also expect we will see a sub $2K R7 in the next 6 to 12 months.

Sadly I don't think we'll see an R7 until later in 2022.

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