The MP race vs software interpolation

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The MP race vs software interpolation

Let's say the truth, who would trade a 36MP camera for a 12MP one? I still own some old gear like the Fuji S5Pro whose colours are still amazing, the D2Xs which also does very well but aside operating speed, small LCD etc why would I leave the D800 or D850 home in favour of one of those if not for the pure fun of it?

The MP race is not over, semi MF sensors reached 100MP, FF reached over 60MP and it won't stop I guess but since also post processing is advancing and I read great things about new interpolation engines from PhotoShop and Topaz do you think that, for an amateur, does more sense to interpolate than to grow in native MP count?

With MP also nose increases, physics, that's the sensor size so pixel become smaller and smaller so somehow noise got better but will reach a plateau so what is it going to happen, are they gonna keep increasing sensor density or what?

Oh well, this lockdown is giving voice to each and every thought, too much time to rumble...

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