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I previously had a canon 6d.  It did everything I needed to do landscape photography.  What I noticed though was the amount of work I Had to do in post processing, especially with shadow noise, was getting tedious.  I was also cropping everything to 4x3 or 4x5 and just throwing away megapixels. I then started stitching with tilt shift lenses which worked okay, but was also tedious. So I went to the 50r and it really solved both those problems.  Really helped streamline my workflow from shooting to lost processing.

Unintended benefits were the evf, which is so helpful.  I used to use a loop to magnify the back of the camera in live view.  It was very annoying and I didn't realize how the evf would eliminate that.

The lenses are just amazing. I have the 45 and 110 and I haven't needed anything else.  You can adapt lenses, but once you see how sharp these lenses are you will be hard pressed to justify adapting lenses.

So for me it's been liberating.  I carry the 45 and 110 and that's it.  I realize the 45-100 zoom could replace that and give me ois, but I'm just not a zoom person.

If you like 3:2 aspect ratio and need access to a lot of decent lenses then go with the z.

If you like 4:3 and want a limited selection of amazing glass then go gfx.

For me the 50r is enough right now. If they came out with a 100mp monochrome I would probably get it.  There is a 50s mark ii coming soon, so you may want to look at that as well.

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