Tamron 28-200 on a6500 - thoughts?

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Re: Tamron 28-200 on a6500 - thoughts?

Martin_99 wrote:

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Martin_99 wrote:

Basically you can choose compact option (Sony 18-135), fast option (Tamron 70-180) and flexible option (Tamron 28-200). There is also long reach option (70-350).

I think, that only you can decide what is the most important to you. The optical quality should not be much different. All mentioned lenses are new sharp designs.

How's the performance of the 18-135 compared the tamrons? It has the size advantage and that OSS.

It's difficult to find direct test comparison on the same body, but maybe some leading points you can find here:

Thanks for the links.



What's it like IQ wise?? I have the Sigma 19 f2.8. Does it compare at all with the Sigma 19 at 19mm f3.5. I do most of my shooting at f4 to f5.6.

I compared 18-135 with Sony 20f2.8 in the past (at 20mm of course) . the picture quality was quite similar, so I can see it as succes for a zoom. Acc. the reviews Sigma 19f2.8 have similar image quality as 20mm.

That's indeed a good showing for a zoom. I was only looking at the Tamron as it has that reach on an APS-C body. However, I have held off because of no Optical Stabilisation in that lens.

I have the 56 f1.4 for portraits and will buy either the Sony 35 f1.8 or the Sigma 30 f1.4.

It is the zoom that I have not been able to make up my mind about.

Don't you miss wider focal lenghts (in case of choice 28-200)?

I usually take most of my pics between 35 and 50 mm full frame equivalent. A fast 40 would be my favourite lens only if it existed. Alas! Sony is not treating the APS-C line up very well. I wish Sony had a the equivalent of the Olympus 12 to 100 F4 pro at similar kind of price. 24 to 200 equivalent, sharp, stabilised and weather sealed. Too much to ask of Sony.

I hope Tamron will bring the 70 to 200 for Apsc. Even an F4 will be great 17 to 70 f2.8 + 70 to 200 f4.

Better still 16 to 135 f2.8-f4.5.


EDIT: you already have 16-55, so wide si covered

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