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Re: Basic questions - wannabe MF user

Satyaa wrote:

That's a good point and I've been thinking about it. I primarily need two focal lengths. A 35mm FF equivalent and a portrait focal length. So, I'm debating between the 45mm and 30mm as the wide angle lens, plus one of the several portrait lenses.

What's been your observation on IQ between primes and zooms? I would like to avoid zooms if possible both for size and IQ.

The 45 is really a phenomenal lens, my all-time favorite lens and a very useful focal length. It's better than the 30, but the 30 is great too.

The 32-64 and 45-100 are outstanding zooms, though the primes win in terms of sharpness. The 100-200 is a great zoom too, though a little less sharp than the others (though compared to great zoom lenses from other systems, its still top notch).

If you haven't already, you should peruse Jim Kasson's blog which has a lot of detailed testing and comparisons of all these lenses.

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