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Satyaa wrote:

Hi. Photography is my hobby. I currently use a D810 with 24-70/2.8 and D7200 with 70-200/2.8. I never traveled anywhere without a DSLR and a deccent lens in the past 15 years! Before that it was a compact camera or a flim SLR.

With my background (MORE BELOW) and a desire to try MF, what are the pitfalls I should be aware of? I would hate to get something only to fail and return it or sell it later for a loss.

I have been bitten by the GFX100S bug. Something about its form and controls is very enticing. I don't know what to expect. Hence, my post. Is MF camera a bad idea for hobby? Is it only for professional studio work?

I know that it's going to be heavy, something I wanted to avoid going forward (hence the Z choice, see below). I don't need the 100MP. I know that its AF won't be like D810 or D7200 for action and that's not my intent either. I hardly print anything, leave alone anything big. I shoot mostly handheld with VR lenses, not great technique for good landsccape shooting.

Am I aiming for more than I can handle? Should I really give up this thought and focus on something else? Or, is there something I should do to be ready before I spend on a MF camera like this?


Going back years, I was shooting landscape and nature for hobby when my wife pushed me into including 'people' in my shots. It led to some free work for charity events. My wildlife shooting is mostly the birds in the backyard.

For last two years before the pandemic, I was shooting for charity events, concerts, etc. Shot almost nothing during the pandemic, other than my new cat at home(!) and tinkering with an F3 film camera. Z7 II with a 35mm lens has been on my shopping list for past few months.

I am planning to get out this summer and shoot some landscapes and nature. The D810 I have is sufficient for the purpose. I know that I don't "need" something else, not even the Z, BUT the idea is tempting.


I'm a self-proclaimed travel photographer, meaning that I'm blessed to be able to travel a lot and take a lot of gear with me when I travel.  Then when I get to where I'm going, I shoot a lot and post it here and on Flickr.

Therefore, I am a travel photographer.

I went from Canon DSLR and L glass to Fuji X for many years, then sold it all and came to GFX.  I love it and have not looked back.

I'm traveling right now and brought the GFX 100 and 6 GF lenses onto the plane with me.

Walking around with the GFX 100 and a mounted 32-64 or 45-100 (or 30 or 45) as the base is no big deal.  It's not a small package by any means, but it is more compact and lighter than anyone ever thought MF could be.  It's kind of a miracle really.  And the image fidelity and look you get from the files will blow you away and you won't look back.

I routinely go on long walks (or hikes) with the GFX 100 around my neck (the big GFX 100) and I carry two more GF lenses in a small canvas Domke 803 shoulder bag.  It's not that heavy.  I even like the feel of the big GFX 100 in my hand so am less tempted by the new much smaller 100 (a bald lie - I want it!).

Is it as small and light as Fuji X or your Canon or Nikon mirrorless rig?  No, but its not any bigger than Canon or Nikon DSLR gear really.  But who cares?  Wait and see what I mean when you look at your first shot on your nice 32 inch 4K pro IPS monitor.

Of course you don't "need" it.  All that matters is that you want it.

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