I was reading the reviews of the LA-EA5 on Sony.com...

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Re: I was reading the reviews of the LA-EA5 on Sony.com...

AkashRana wrote:

No sure how these people ended up writing those reviews, but from little of what I read these guys are ignorant of the capabilities of LA-EA5. A friend of mine works for Sony and has played with the adapter, speaks real good of the adapter and says its the best bet for adapting A-mount lenses at the moment. With right bodies, it works good; but has those superficial limitations imposed which if lifted, would make Sony loose on the sales of native E-mount lenses. Canon has done the best job when it comes to adapting EF lenses followed by Nikon with F-mount. Sony has diliberatly left out A-mount users as the pool was much smaller that Canon and Nikon DSLR users so Canon/Nikon gave great backwards capability and a gradual path to move to mirrorless as you loose a little with adapted lenses.

Nikon only has a LA-EA3 style adapter and left the screw drive lens owners screwed. And from the latest DPR interview with Nikon it doesn't seem to be any prio to create a screw drive capable adapter either (DPR actually asked about that).

So I feel sorry for those Nikon glass owners that now have been downgraded to manual focus lenses if they want to get into mirrorless.

Regarding Canon, the R bodys knows the EF-protocol (as well as the RF-protocol) and the adapter is just a pass through of the signal and mount converter and distance spacer. Canon was the last one in when AF took off in the mid 80s and they choose electronic controlled lenses with autofocus motors and aperture motors built into the lenses already back then instead of using screw drive couplings and mechanical aperture lever from the body. This is what they win on today vs the others by either pure dumb luck or extreme skills in predicting the future (take your pick).

Regarding Canon EF-lenses, they discontinue them now in quite a high tempo and they even relaunch some of them with a built in bolted on RF-adapter like the 400 and 600 mm they announced today (those are discontinued in EF-mount). So Canon seem to be moving away from their DSRL business just after 2,5 years after introducing mirrorless and on that point one have to give Sony cred for holding out much longer. Here in Sweden, it is first now that selected A-mount bodys and lenses starts to disappear from Sonys web site.

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