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Re: Basic questions - wannabe MF user

Hi Satyaa,

I'm a hobbiest photographer who sometimes makes and sells prints, but mostly this is just a hobby and I have a very busy "real" job. I'm a GFX50R owner w/ 3 GF lenses -- the 30, 45, and 100-200. Before this I came from the Fuji X series, so it was a big jump.

Is my system a lot more than what I "need"? Definitely. But it brings me a lot of joy using it and keeping some photos that I really am proud of and enjoy sharing. Whether you will have a similar feeling as a GFX user -- that's up to you, but it sounds like it!

Reading your post one thing you should consider lens focal length options. With your Nikon system you have a very wide zoom range covered. The Fuji lenses are phenomenal, but there's no way to have 2 lenses that cover that range of focal lengths. You could get the GF32-64 or 45-100 and 100-200 and have some of that range covered. If you wanted to cut down on weight, I would suggest getting either the GF30 or GF50 and 100-200. But these options will be more limited in terms of focal lengths than you're used to, especially on the wide end. On the long end, you will have greater ability to crop. So I would consider whether that's an issue for you or not.

One option is always to rent the camera and a couple lenses and spend a few days trying it out and seeing how you feel.

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