Mavic 2 Pro vs Mavic 2S

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Re: Mavic 2 Pro vs Mavic 2S

Craig NC wrote:

You are mixing drones up here. The yet to be releases 2S will have a 1" 20mpx chip similar to the PRO 2 - but with no variable aperture. The current Mavic Air 2 (no "S") has a 1/2" inch sensor that does have a 48mpx mode. I own the Mavic Air 2. While it's camera is quite good (much better than original Mavic Air), the 48mpx mode is just a gimmick. I really found no meaningful additional details in the 48mpx mode than the standard 12mpx. Partly, I think you are getting into diffraction issues with pixels that small. I expect the 20mpx on the new 2S will be a nice improvement - certainly for low light but even daylight situations too.

I agree with your assessment of the 48MP mode - a total gimmick which produces horrible image quality. I am taking the 12MP files and using Photoshop’s new ‘super resolution’ enhanced image tool. That produces really good quality 48MP files which are night and day different to the in-camera 48MP mode.

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