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zerored wrote:

Respectfully, I do not appreciate people injecting into my concerns and thoughts stuff that is not in my concerns and thoughts.

You don't like hearing about DPP's 20-year camera support continuity when expressing concern about discontinuity in future software support for DSLRs?

You don't like hearing about Canon's many, many rejected opportunities to drop software support for long-discontinued cameras when expressing your concerns about Canon dropping software support for cameras to be discontinued sometime in the future?


Thank you.

You're welcome.

While I'm at it, I would also point you to the fact that Canon has been offering full-frame mirrorless cameras for nearly three years now, and they did not use the introduction of any of those cameras to also introduce a new, mirrorless-only version of DPP. I suppose they could have, but they didn't.

EOS-R? No new mirrorless-only DPP.

RP? No new DPP.

R5 & R6? Nope. Canon just added support to the same DPP software that supports all of the company's DSLRs, from 2000's EOS D30 to 2017's 6Dii.

Wouldn't this pattern of continuity suggest strong odds that Canon's future software support paradigm is likely to be the same? I.e., long-term software support for discontinued camera bodies?

And doesn't that speak directly to your concern about future software support discontinuity?

Apologies if it doesn't.

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