GFX 100S and AE/AF LOCK MODE question

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Re: GFX 100S and AE/AF LOCK MODE question

davidevans1 wrote:

I’m wanting both AF ON and AEL buttons to act as ON/OFF when pressed, so press once for lock and once again for unlock. this is in AF- S (single shot focus).

I can't speak for AEL (I think on my Nikons, it is as you say it should be).

But for AF-ON, what you ask for doesn't make sense to me (maybe I'm not understanding). Why would you want the AF-ON button to lock into the ON state (as if the button were still pressed) in a focus mode that doesn't do anything after focus lock is acquired?

In AF-S, even if you kept your thumb on the button, it wouldn't do anything after lock.

But even in AF-C, it only works when AF-ON is pressed. I suppose that would be a valid option (not default, but user configurable).


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