What about print ink density? Everyone can't be wrong on this, can they?

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What about print ink density? Everyone can't be wrong on this, can they?

Hello All,

I am an architect, and photography is a hobby for me. I have invested in camera gear, large format photo printers (Canon Pro 100) and large format plotters (HP DesignJet) over the years.

I have also been a digital artist for 20+ years and practicing architecture just as long. I am not new to digital photography, digital art or inkjet printing. Just to lay the groundwork for my question.

So, on to the premise of my question. I have been doing a lot of research on fine art papers and different photo printers. Dye vs pigment, etc. As well as print surface coatings.

I have been creating custom profiles for years now. I've been trying to fine tune my profiles on some of my favorite new papers. So, here we go . . .

Everything I've read about ink density and paper surface (glossy vs matte) seems to be complete backwards to my own experience or even practical knowledge. Maybe the forum out there would like to chime in on this?

My contention is that glossy paper holds the ink on the surface, and microscopic ink droplets dry on the surface layer with little to no spread. Therefore, the printhead lays the ink dots down in a tighter dithering pattern to keep color density and smooth gradations.

On the other hand, matte papers (no matter how good the receptor layer) will have ink bleed and droplets spread out. Therefore, the printhead lays the dots down in a slightly looser dithering pattern. Results can be viewed with photo scanner.

That said, according to this logic, it takes a lot more ink to print an image on glossy paper than matte paper. Logic would dictate that more dots equals more ink. You can also see this in the time it takes to print on glossy vs matte. The glossy print always takes longer.

So, why is that everywhere I look. And, i've been in a lot of forums, everyone seems to think that matte paper "absorbs" more ink than glossy paper. The logic in this thinking is totally flawed. Anyone out there care to back me on this premise? I'd appreciate it.



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