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Re: Nikkor 1000mm F11

Taken with Nikon D500 and 500mm f/8 Reflex

Glad to read the conversation here. I am anxiously awaiting my 1000mm f/11. I have both versions of the 500mm f/8, and have used it with and without the TC-200 converter to achieve photos that "I enjoy" I must disclose that I am a hobbyist and sure my bar is lower than most. The 500mm with TC is as i understand it essentially a 1000mm f/16. I shoot it on the Nikon D500, Df, and adapted Fuji X-T3. If the 1000mm f/11 performs as well as the TC-200 + 500mm f/8, I will be satisfied; however, I am hoping for a "slight" improvement based on the fact that it will be a non-converter generated image, and the additional stop from f/16 to f/11. Actually I occassionally run the Metabones on the Fuji which allegedly should step the f/11 down to an f/8. I have used this method with the 500mm f/8 to achieve an effective 500mm f/5.6 and I am a believer.

I find that an ISO of 1000 and SS of 1000 is the sweet spot for my experiences.

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