UltraViolet Induced Visible Fluorescence Flowers

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UltraViolet Induced Visible Fluorescence Flowers

These lock downs suck, and my photography related technical projects are annoyingly delayed so last night I got out my UV Flashlight and took a few photos. The first 4 are of a white geranium and the last is of a hyacinth all under UV light. I was shooting at high ISOs, slow shutter speeds, no tripod and not properly holding the camera all the time as I was also holding the flashlight, I was also tired. I took bursts in hopes that some would come out without motion blur. Out of 90 photos I deleted 80 of them and edited just 5, perhaps next time I should consider a tripod.

I'd normally embed the images but that doesn't work for me anymore, so here are links to the originals






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