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Re: field macro light improvement options

xtam667 wrote:

sanosai wrote:

I m considering the following setup (pardon my rough drawing!):


I am afraid this will be a bit frustrating in the field. Tried it and was not happy. The arms and the heads are weak. The setup was wobbly and difficult to adjust. The Wimberley bracket proved to be much stronger and easier to use.

You can remove the middle piece of the F-2 for a more compact setup. If you have a longish camera plate or any nodal slide then you do not need the perpendicular plate.

My flashes are quite large so with some smaller ones your setup might work out well. But you risk spending more in the end, just as I did.

Here is my rig in the simplest configuration. It is very sturdy and reliable with just two pieces of mounting kit. I do not use a separate wireless controller. If I want a second flash then I mount it with a second F-2 and configure it as wireless slave controlled by the first.

Wimberley F-2 macro bracket with the middle piece removed.

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