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From Twitter

That's very interesting. If the R3 name is correct, it's a strong implication that Canon doesn't think the current level of mirrorless technology is good enough to have the honour of carrying the 'R1' label.

I think it's more a response to Sony, rather than "not good enough to be an R1"

It'll be 24-ish MP in line with 1DXIII/A9II, and Canon have made the decision to keep the R1 name for an A1 competitor.

It's hard to say. This could be the mega-pixel monster rumored, which if true, it would be above the R5 if so.

What'd be interesting; if it maintains all the specs of the R5, but gains the MP counts. It's possible btw.

Canon already "deployed" the 1DXIII sensor which is the A9 competitor. I gather new sensor this round, the question is: is it super-megapixel, or global shutter implementation?

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