What do Tamron and Samyang know?

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All that is needed is that high performance aps body that Sony refuse to release!!

If by "high performance" you mean a A7R4 or A9 with a APS-C sensor and a a6600 form factor, then the reason is simple - there would be no demand for that camera at $4k+. There is no fantasy world where this hypothetical camera is under $4k, and its probably $5k, if it possible at all given the tech required to be crammed into the smaller body.

If by "high performance" you mean an a6600 with a few additional features, then we are back to the arguments about which features make it "high performance": Two card slots? Extra control wheel? 36MP? That discussion inevitably ends up back at the first case - a camera which is identical to an APS-C version of an A7R4 or A9, which would cost at least $4k.

No, what we need is a new sensor and processor, with much faster read speeds, and menu, handling and ergonomic improvements brought to the latest FF cameras. This does not require a $4000 camera.

Sony are well behind Fuji in APS-C right now and they need to seriously overhaul their lineup especially at the upper end.

We NEED a new sensor, processor, menu? Two card slots, extra wheeel, more mpx?


I claim it is simple C19 boredom.

People always want more.  Nothing new.

My thought has long been, people want all the features, but don’t want to actually pay for them.  Maybe it’s enough to have a flagship that allows you to have platform bragging rights, but few actually purchase.  Maybe at $4k that could make sense in some companies, but the FF line should suffice.  The features are there, if someone wants them bad enough.

The APSC cameras are perfectly capable. Even the comparatively lousy 4K 30f of the Sonys has me impressed when watching or even making a digital snapshot.

I think the bar has been raised so high years ago.  Yeah, there’s always “better”, but there is also diminishing returns where you have to decide if it matters.

Fuji is ahead regarding video, that's about it. Whether you NEED video in your camera to such an extent is another topic.

What I see is a race to ever more outdo each other with more features added, but also weight and price. My A6000 &1650 are such a light-weight thing to use and inexpensive at that. My A6600 & 1655 weighs double with hardly visible differences on a 27" screen.

It's a bit like with cars. 10 year old cars already include just about everything from AC, servo steering, ABS, EDS, lots of airbags and low fuel consumption engines.

So what do you add? internet access, distance control - or - 4k60p, 50 Mpx sensors, tittat stuff. And explode price and weight through the ceiling.

I find it much more limiting regarding photography to have travel restrictions inplace with no perspective to end in summer.

Actually I'd be very happy if they did nothing else but added;


What would that do?  I don’t often wait long for pictures to clear the buffer, but I guess it would be snappier in some situations?

a front dial/joystick

I don’t miss those, but a front dial doesn’t sound too crazy.

1/8000 sec, either e-shutter or mechanical or both,

1/8000 seems like an edge-case. I can’t believe many care.

less rolling shutter ie higher scan rates etc

This feels more important to me. Getting rid of the jello effect should be a high priority.

These 4 enhancements would be very welcome and bring Sony aps-c up a level imo, should add about £200-400 to existing a6600 price max!

Sony has the tech and the ability but no motivation!

I’d rather they just focus on the most important improvement and just do it, and try not to raise the price much if any.  Of the above, I think the jello effect.

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