I was reading the reviews of the LA-EA5 on Sony.com...

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Whats the purpose of the LA-EA5 if you dont have screw drive lenses? There is already and LA-EA3, if you need to adapt SSM/SAM lenses.

I was under the impression that the LAEA5 works better than the LAEA3 even with SSM lenses.

Others said that the new aperture lever motor is substantially weaker than the old one and aperture changes are slower.

Did they fix the issue where the older LA-EA adapters had to open the aperture completely whenever changing the aperture? That definitely ruled out making aperture changes while recording video with the older adapters.

I haven't seen anything from Sony stating that the LA-EA5 performs in any way better than the LA-EA3 other than providing the screw-drive. The LA-EA3 has the same AF-C tracking ability as the LA-EA5.

I'm using LA-EA3 with a7Riv and my A-mount lenses, which are all SSM. From what I've read, and experienced with it, I have nothing to gain by purchasing the LA-EA5 unless 1) I purchase a screw drive lens (that 500/8 mirror lens is even more tempting since the adapter opens up the full range of AF points), or 2) a future firmware update opens up new bodies with the LA-EA5, as I read somewhere that Sony will no longer support updates to the 3.

The LA-EA5 limits the Reflex to a central box of AF points. Maybe you are thinking of the Monster modified LA-EA4?

I am much happier with refracting lenses rather than the Reflex, but I didn't get try the later with on-sensor AF.

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