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birdbrain wrote:

Thoughts R Us wrote:

Fascinating to think of what this could be. Canon surprised everyone by going to the R3 designation and not the R1, leaving room of course for an R1 in the future.

One point to keep in mind that may or may not be a factor: we will have 3 of the most important sporting events in the world in a span of about 18 months: the Summer Olympics this year, and then the Winter Olympics and World Cup in 2022.

It would not be unusual for Canon to want to make a big impression at those events.

Don’t hold your breath as regards the Olympics!


There could be prototypes of these in use at this year’s Summer games. Canon could even ship the first copies in July and still have some in the hands of pro agencies

And there will be limited attendance anyway.

But there are enough high profile sporting events coming up to merit a new pro sports body. And these events will garner even more attention as the world come out of the pandemic.

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