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Why pretend the worst?

zerored wrote:

One of my concerns is software support. I use Canon's DPP 4 a lot. Will Canon create new DPP versions that do not support Canon DSLRs?


If so, when?


(OK, fine: I don't mean "never" in terms of the heat-death of the Universe; but does "as-long-as-Canon-manufactures-cameras" satisfy?)

Friend, DPP has already been supporting RAW files from discontinued DSLRs for decades.

Going back 20 years, DPP represents four major software versions-worth of opportunity to "cut off" various tranches of users over the years, none of which Canon took.

To the contrary, the company regularly issues updates to backtrack or improve support for older hardware. Like, say, decade-old Powershot point-shoots or the 30D DSLR from October, 2000.

There was another obvious recent opportunity to sunset users when Canon reengineered their RAW file format (!!!) from CR2 to CR3, but Canon didn't take it. CR2 support was there from the start.

Yikes, they could've done it again with the iPad "DPP Express" software, but even there they included support for recent CR2 DSLRs from the very first version, and they have been expanding support backward as the software matures.

Is this really the behavior of a company twirling an evil mustachio at the thought of sunsetting you into new hardware?

As with the OP, you're trying awfully hard to find fears of discontinuity that just don't play in reality. At all. And why? To worry about the future utility of your EOS-EF lens collection, you have to deliberately pretend Canon's three EF-to-RF adapters don't exist, don't work, don't add features to your EF lenses. To worry about future DPP support, you have to pretend that DPP doesn't already have a multiple-decade lineage as an industry-standard model of support continuity. You have to pretend that Canon didn't already reject many (much better) opportunities, in the past, to sunset users into new hardware.

Why pretend?

Rejoin us in reality, friend. The water's fine.

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