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Canon Envy

I could have posted this also in the Fujifilm X-system category. I must admit, I am a little envious of what lenses Canon has produced and rumored in the RF mount. I haven’t been paying close attention, but it appears they covered the zoom ranges that most people use and supplemented that with key primes used for portraiture. I’m a little surprised that the 70-200 isn’t available yet, but it is on their website. The latest rumors are for long prime telephoto lenses. One is supposedly a lighter/smaller 500mm. I have to wonder if that technology could be applied to a medium format lens say in the 400mm range.

I just have a feeling Canon understands the lens market better than Fujifilm. I wonder if Fujifilm should have released their 45-100 before the 32-64? Then, follow it up with the 100-200 and a wide-angle zoom like a 20-45. Why bring out a 120mm macro lens before a 110mm portrait lens? I realize maybe the professional medium format needs may be different than for full-frame. But if Fujifilm is marketing the GFX as a replacement for many of the full-frame use-cases, the lenses need to follow. I sometimes think I’ll be dead before Fujifilm gets around to some lenses. The drawbacks in buying into a smaller company competing with Goliath.

I suspect Canon knows the demand for a tilt/shift lens better than anybody. It should be interesting to see when the rumors for those lenses appear.

Geez, I spend way too much time on these forums! Time to go out and shoot. Actually this afternoon, I have to be a model for a friend who I talked into a beginner photography class. We’ll be at a botanical garden, so I’ll take the macro out for some fun.

Get out and shoot!

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